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Second Battle of the Marne WWI Battle Event

(Event may be canceled due to the pandemic)

Event Date: 6th-8th of November, 2020.

Circa: France, July 1918. Western Front.


Central Powers unit: 3rd Bavarian Infantry Regiment.

Allied Units: 91st Infantry Division, Salvation Army, 1st Auckland Infantry Battalion or 1st New Zealand Stationary Hospital.

Event Site: Mile High Ranch.

Event Fee: $25 for HUSC members and $50 for guest participants. You must pay prior to attending, by the 4th of November.


All attendees must have signed a liability waiver in order to participate for insurance purposes. If you have filled out the google doc waiver before, you do not need to resubmit unless details have changed.

Guests participating in the event will need to reach out to the Commander of the army they are portraying. THE EVENT WILL HAPPEN RAIN OR SHINE.

See the full rules and the scenario for the event!

Please take the time to read the Battle Plan. There are many changes, including the authentic reenactment of the Second Battle of the Marne.

Take note: This is a dry site; alcohol is not allowed. Zero tolerance.