Event Registration

For Active HUSC Members

For Non-HUSC Members (Guests)

HUSC Spring WW2 Event:


Event Date: 1st-3rd of May, 2020.

Circa: August 1944. European Theatre.


German units: 116th Panzer Division, 3rd FJ Division or 2nd SS Panzer Division.

American Units: 9th Infantry Division, American Red Cross or 128th Field Hospital.

British Units: Durham Light Infantry or Queen’s Own.

Event Site: Mile High Ranch.

Event Fee: $25 for HUSC members and $35 for guest participants.You must pay in advance of attending by April 29th.

Event Timeline:

1st of May

Gate Opens to Attendees: 1400

2nd of May

Commanders Meeting: 0800.

Unit line up and safety inspections: 0945.

Event Line Up: 1000.

Combat Operations: 1100 till 1900.

Verbal AAR at POV: 2000

3rd of May



All attendees must have signed a liability waiver in order to participate for insurance purposes. If you are a member of HUSC, then the liability form you signed when joining the club will have you covered. If you are not a member and are a guest of the club, you will have to sign the guest liability form, which can be found under the Membership Forms section of this website. Please fill it out and return it to the club before the event. Guests participating in the event will need to reach out to the Commander of the army they are portraying. THE BATTLE WILL HAPPEN RAIN OR SHINE.

Camping Accommodation

There is plenty of space to pitch period tents. There are yurts on site to camp in, but space inside is limited. The yurts on location have wooden floors and canvas ceilings. Please reserve your bunk/ yurt ahead of time with Daniel Bermudez. Modern camping gear is allowed, but must be stowed away during the day.


Breakfasts are your responsibility, but will be eaten in camp. Lunches are also your responsibility, but will be eaten in the field, plan accordingly. Dinners will be potluck in the yurt area, volunteer a dish or you will be assigned something to bring.


Approved Allied and Axis impressions appropriate to France in August 1944.

First person will be the narrative of the day. Period jargon will be observed. No yelling at others to take their hit. Dead men tell no tales. If there is an immersion or scenario issue, go up the chain of command (tell your NCO, your NCO will find and report the issue to the appropriate commander). Those caught breaking immersion or authenticity will be sent to the rear.

Sections/Squads of different units should take care to properly perform exercises. Rotating men from defense/offense/resting. Defense building while in uniform with period tools is encouraged. Document taking should reflect the actions of the day. Offensive actions should be made to seize objectives in the battle area. The battle is intended to see-saw throughout the day.


There is a zero-tolerance policy on pyrotechnics, intoxication, and misuse of arms. All equipment, weapons, and ammunition will be checked during line up. All ammunition must be blanks, those caught with live ammo will be ejected from the site. All weapons will be subject to inspection, and you may be asked to leave said items at camp before entering the battle site. This is a dry site, alcohol is not allowed.

Simulated Combat


The Germans will begin the battle on the offensive with a set list of Primary Objectives they must capture. The Allies are tasked with protecting these objectives. Each Commander on the battlefield will be briefed on the details of the tactical and then will be tasked with instructing their troops on the battlefield area before the commencement of hostilities.


Each time an engagement begins, respond as though it was real. Advance and fall back as the rate of fire and simulated casualties’ dictates. Follow your faction commander's orders as safely as possible. This will allow for greater authenticity and immersion.

Hit Taking

Is 1 hit 1 “kill”. Rifles, SMGs, and MGs are each considered the same and 1 hit is 1 “kill”. Grenades have a “kill” radius of 5 feet of their final landing spot. If in doubt, assume you were hit. When you are hit, please remove your head gear and walk back to your nation’s respawn point. The field hospital will be a major player in the battle so when hit you are encouraged to be wounded and treated at their encampment.


While behind a trench, rock, or fortification (sandbags or building), you may take hits at your discretion. Trees, bushes, rubble, vines, twigs, or hay bales do not count as cover.


Coming back into the game requires returning to your nation’s respawn point (which will be predetermined). Once there, you may only respawn when an additional person also returns or your commander’s discretion. No respawning by yourself.

What not to do

This includes the following. No armies of one, you must remain with your unit. No standing in the open while under fire, if you cannot get to cover fast enough, take the hit. No arguing about hits, if there is an issue or violation go up the chain of command. When dead do not stand in the battle area but instead play dead or fall back.


Any period vehicles brought to the event shall be incorporated into the battle and fall under the command of the army they represent. They must stick to the roads on site and follow all safety procedures dictated by the club operating regulations.