Who We Are

The purpose and mission of the Historical Unit of Southern California (HUSC) is to promote an understanding and appreciation for the men and women of the Armed Forces during the 20th century. This is accomplished through training, battle re-enactments, historical research, education, public displays, and other related activities. The overall goal of this association is to instill within its Members a sense of respect, pride, and loyalty for the men and women who defended their countries in their times of war. HUSC also strives to promote public awareness of the lives and tribulations of those men and women of the Armed Forces, and offer a gathering place for people who appreciate and respect the sacrifices given by veterans. This association abides by all Federal, State, and local laws, including regulations and ordinances as well as all rules set forth by the Historical Unit of Southern California. 

Disclaimer: The Historical Unit of Southern California (HUSC) is and shall remain a non-political, non-paramilitary organization. HUSC does not seek to influence the government or disseminate political propaganda of any kind. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Armed Forces history, and is not restricted on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious preference, or handicap.


For any inquires, email us at thehuscteam@gmail.com 

We do a variety of events including but not limited too....

Tactical Events

School Presentations

Air Shows 

Historical Commemorations

Memorial Services

Museum Displays 

Virtual Displays

And So Much More!!!

How to Join us!

Those interested will be required to attend a virtual orientation that will help understand the requirement and expectations of the club.  

If you are interested in taking part, please complete the Interested Member Form  

 Requirements for Membership

Eras We Recreate

These are the eras we actively recreated. Each era is divided into categories as listed below and have an overall Era Commander that manages them. Each era has approved impressions listed with them. Click on that impression to find out more about them. 


3rd Auckland Regiment, New Zealand

3rd Auckland Regiment, New Zealand

Division Del Norte (Mexican Revolution)


1st Marine Division 

9th Infantry Division 

128th Evacuation Hospital 

Abraham Lincoln Battalion (Spanish Civil War)

116th Panzer Division 

Cold War

108th Motor Rifle Division